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Service Areas


  • Computer Facilities Management

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Cyber Security / Zero-Trust Services

  • Facilities Management Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

  • Office Administration Services

  • Emergency Management

  • Homeland Security

  • Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection

  • Security Consulting

  • Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES)

  • Mobile Radio and Computer Installation

  • Next-Generation Public Safety Systems

  • Environmental Consulting Services

The skills and expertise demonstrated by personnel at Kupu Ka `Eu is the result of long and distinguished careers. Our goal is to put our knowledge and wide variety of experience at our client’s disposal for their exclusive benefit. 


The leadership and management team at KKE has the capacity to successfully deal with the complexities and precariousness of an ever changing economy.  They bring a high level of understanding to the issues at hand.  The management team has the skill sets to succeed through bringing original solutions to improve whatever situation in which they find themselves.  They have the necessary leadership and provide outstanding support as a team.  They are the flexibile, resourceful and confident in adapting to ever changing needs. 

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